A smart and Easy way to grow your Crypto Through Cloud Mining

Generate regular passive income without the hassle of purchasing expensive bulky hardware or the need to obtain in-depth technical knowledge in cryptocurrency.

About US

nenofex.com platform is the best for your future

We are a trading company registered in Sweden. After years of trading and the success we have had, we are committed to let our registered members earn from the profits we make. We have provided contracts that will be profitable for our users for a long time . The amount of profit you make will depend on the contract you choose and the amount of deposit you make

  • With Our platform and our available contracts, you will succeed in the crypto field
  • Licensed and dedicated company, funds are 100% safe
  • Security is always the highest priority for us

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Profitable Service
DDOS Protection
No fees

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Choose Any Contract That Interests You

Contracts will be active once deposit is confirmed

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Our Features

We're global

You can access us from anywhere in the world .

Profitable Service

Profits are 100% guaranteed on all contracts, profits are paid daily on every contract


We support Blockchain technology, Deposits and withdrawals are processed through Cryptocurrencies

24/7 customer support

Feel Free to open a chat , Any time you need someone to help you can message our online support . Our support team is ready to support our customers 24/7

Minimum Deposit

Our minimum Deposit is just $50, we made it very affordable, so everyone can earn too.

Highest security

Security is always our top priority, You have nothing to worry about here, all funds are safe.

Total Users
Total Deposit
$ 16,458,990
Total Withdraw
$ 20,730,610
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Our way

Road Map

May 2020

Our team came together to think about how to make nenofex work perfectly.

July 2020

Market research , Brand Development , UX Development , Payment Gateway.

September 2020

Established an office for in-person services. Customers will now be able to come in person and become more familiar with the company's work

April 2021

Made deposits and withdrawals Instant, made the system even more faster than it was.

June 2021

Increased the security on our system and also partnered with extra 4 different companies

Septmeber 2021

Employed more staffs on all departments

November 2021

Held an online webinar with the company founder and company speakers through video conferencing programs to dynamically transfer information to investors and get to know us and our business as much as possible

About Referral

Referral program

  • First level : 5%
  • Second level : 2%
  • Third level : 1%
  • Representative : 8%
General description

You don't need even Deposit by your own . Just sign up and copy the referal link in Your user panel and give it to Your friends . You will receive 5% of each friend's deposit

And also if Friend of your friends invest you will get 2% of each investment and you can apply for a withdrawal immediately .We will pay you the same day!

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Allocation of funds

Summary of company progress with charts

  • 65% Founders and Team
  • 70% Reserved Funding
  • 40% Advisors
  • 25% Distribute to Community
  • 90% Human Resources


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